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Picking out your home cinema receiver

So you know what you want it to do but now you need to compare all the different functions of your future home cinema receiver. I’m going to talk about all the different key areas to pay attention to when picking out your home cinema receiver to ensure that you can accurately decide which home theater receiver is best fitted for your needs. Fear not as I will help guide you through this difficult and ever-changing world of electronics!

While there will be a variety of different features depending on the style of home cinema receiver you purchase, finding the perfect one is critical. Some features you want to decide on primarily are what sort of inputs do you need. Do you want an iPod input? Do you want hookups for satellite radio? How many devices will you be hooking into the home cinema receiver?


After you determine this weed out which receivers have the appropriate hook ups and move on. Next you want to take a look at the total wattage of the system. Usually a system will have wattage equally divided amongst the channels except for the reach channels will have usually 20%-30% less wattage than the front channels and the sub will have 75%-150% more wattage than the front channels. So for example on a 600 watt 5.1 surround sound system, each front channel speaker would have 100 watts, the 2 rear channels would have 50 each and the sub you have 200 watts. Paying attention to overall wattage is good to help you decide on the type of home cinema receiver you’ll need.

Besides paying attention to the total output of the system in watts pay close attention to the amount of distortion the home cinema receiver has. You want the smallest percentage of distortion, ideally under 1%. Finding a home cinema receiver with a distortion level under 1% means you’ll have a quality sounding system that can be cranked up loud without any noticeable distortion. This also depends on the type of speakers your blasting the feed through.

Having a receiver that has a ton of wattage power but also a high distortion percentage is much worse than finding a quality home theater receiver with low distortion and half the power. You’re going for sound QUALITY here not QUANTITY. You’ll notice the difference when you turn crank your new home cinema receiver up and hear nothing but static and fuzz at a nearly inaudible level. You won’t care how many watts your system has if you can’t stand to listen to it or understand anything beyond all the distortion.

Doing your research and looking through these 2 key factors is critical in determining what the perfect home cinema receiver for you is. If you can pick a good home theater receiver with low distortion, one that has all the features you’re looking for and inputs you need and with a good amount of power you’ll be set. Now you just need to bite the bullet, pull the trigger and buy your home cinema receiver.

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Just because the great Christmas television programmes have finished doesn’t mean that it is not a good time to invest in a new television. There is no better way to spend those cold winter evenings than curled up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea watching your favourite shows. Samsung have a great range of televisions with some smart features to keep the whole family occupied for hours.

Indulge yourself with the ultimate viewing experience and purchase a Samsung PS59D6900D 59 inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Plasma Smart TV with Freeview HD.

You can almost feel as if you have been transported inside the screen since the quality is so high. The new 3D HD technology is also the future for televisions, with images which literally place you at the centre of whatever programme you happen to be watching. You don’t need to visit the cinema when you have such great technology at your fingertips and you can also add new depth to your 2D video games or programmes by converting them into 3D.
Ultra slim, the design is truly built for convenience, slotting easily into any room where you choose to have it.
However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to discover the latest technology. The Samsung UE46C5800QKXXU 46 inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD is perfect for those movie buffs among you and comes in at £899.99. Watch your favourite DVDs at a quality close to that offered by Blu-ray, with brilliantly vibrant colours, enhanced to create the perfect cinematic experience. All that remains is for you to grab your popcorn, sit back and relax.

You can also use this fantastic widescreen to connect to the internet, sharing photographs, music and video files from your PC as well as connecting it to your camera to play your digital pictures and videos.
Those feeling the pinch after the Christmas spending should look to cheaper Samsung televisions, which still have some great highlights.

Samsung LE19D450 19 inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview is compact and stylish, bringing you smooth images. Choose from more than 50 free channels and radio stations with something for every mood whether you are looking to watch sport and films or chill out with a book as you listen to music. Little kids and big kids alike can connect the HD Ready to a gaming console for a fun way to pass an afternoon.
Enhance your viewing pleasure with Samsung and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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We all have our favorite, classic television shows. These are the ones that when they finally end, we are kept wanting more. Sometimes they are the shows we have to follow and watch religiously in order to keep up. Other times, you can watch out of order and still love the relatable characters and witty plot twists. Fortunately, when you have access to more channels you can probably find old re-runs of the more popular shows. You don’t have to let go after the season ends when you have a satellite television provider that not only lets your re-watch your favorite episodes, as well as record them on the latest television accessory.

We all have our favorite shows of all time. Maybe they were the ones we watched growing up, or the ones that made us laugh out loud through tough times, or that remind us of a particular place and time. For whatever reason, they’ve stuck out in our minds as the moments we look forward to in the week. A good laugh out loud comedy like Seinfeld can be the cure to a bad day at work, and the tumultuous relationships on Grey’s Anatomy remind us that maybe our significant other isn’t that misbehaved. These are the shows that help us reflect on our own lives, and the characters become familiar in a peculiar way.

However, every show must come to an end, even with our most favorite series. The best television shows live on, as they are aired on different channels or have re-runs that continue for years. Sex and the City ended years ago, however you can still watch Carrie and the gang just about every day on Cosmopolitan channel. These are the shows that left a mark on television history, and fortunately for us they don’t go away so fast.

However, the sad news is that some of these television shows do take on a new airtime that is inconvenient to our schedules. Maybe they are on during the day, or only come on very late at night, as the more recent shows have the prime time picks. Fortunately with a satellite television provider you can still enjoy your favorite shows with the latest technology, DVR. DVR has changed the way we watch the television, because it allows us to actually control what we are watching. No longer do we have to plan our activities around our favorite series (new or old), now we have the ability to decide when and how we are going to watch them. Skip through channel and re-watch your favorite movies with this technology.

Satellite television makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite television series, even after they stop filming. You have access to more channels, providing you with re-runs, and can then make the decision to watch them when and how you want. Don’t miss out on the best satellite television providers that keep your favorite series alive long past the curtain call.

Keep enjoying your favorites with Direct Star TV. Don’t miss out on new and old series in your area with Direct tv Waco.